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The Home Front


Okasana Fogg

Featured Artist, Native of Odessa, Ukraine

It all started during a Walter Anderson Museum of Art’s sponsored wilderness retreat. One of the artists camping on Horn Island this past May was Oksana Fogg, a native of Ukraine. Upon arrival, she noticed a lone boat anchored at the campsite, and flying the U.S. and Ukrainian flags. She was moved to tears.

Those same emotions arose around the hearth of our communal campfire that night as she recounted the heartbreaking tragedies being endured by her loved ones in her hometown, Odessa. As stories of death, fear, and loss were told, we shared her pain, and our tears flowed. She also spoke of the pure bravery, relentless determination, and unflagging dignity her friends and family emanated as they charted the unimaginable tragedies of war in their country.

Our spirits were charged with an unquenchable desire to support their cause. We pledged that night to take action, forged around a Horn Island campfire, we became “The Home Front.” Oksana spent the following days diligently making paintings of our beautiful island landscape with the intention of selling her work to raise money for her village back home. Money for medical care, food, clothing, shelter, and other essentials we take for granted every day.

In response, we hosted an event during WAMA’s upcoming Magic Hour event. Oksana’s paintings were hung for sale in the Art Cottage in Ocean Springs, MS. We hope our actions demonstrated that any community can help and inspire others to act.

Proceeds from “The Home Front” will be deployed by Oksana Fogg to accredited and certified local programs in her Ukraine community. We thank each and every one of you, in advance for standing with us and the heroes of Ukraine!

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