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Workshop Proposal and Guidelines

Our mission is to:

  • Inspire and empower artists of all levels to create

  • Provide a supportive and creative community for artists to connect and grow

  • Promote the understanding and appreciation of art through education and outreach

  • Make the practice of art accessible to everyone

Thank you for your interest in offering a class or workshop through Ethotera Art Studio LLC.  Please read the guidelines carefully, and fill out the proposal form below.

Ethotera Art Studio LLC is a creative space dedicated to the exploration and expression of the human experience through art. We believe that art is a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for artists of all levels to explore their creativity.

























We look for quality instructors, accomplished in their field and dedicated to sharing their skills, knowledge, and expertise.  One of our representatives will call to discuss your proposal, confirm dates, and clarify details.  Selected instructors are hired by Ethotera LLC as independent contractors.


  1. Compensation for classes is paid on a 50% Instructor/50% Ethotera split.

  2. A “Room Deposit”:
     •   The fee is $100 per day.
     •   Reserves the classroom and offsets administrative costs
     •   A separate room deposit is required for each new class proposed and due when the proposal is submitted
     •   The Room Deposit will be deducted from final payment to the instructor if at the completion of the class the                         housekeeping checklist is not completed
     •   The Room Deposit check will be returned if proposal is not accepted
     •   If the class is not held as agreed, Ethotera will retain this fee for its set‐up costs  

  3. Ethotera LLC will:

     •   Provide a studio which can be used for day and evening classes
     •   Promote classes as outlined under “Promotion of Classes”
     •   Collect and process the fees paid by students, including credit card processing fees
     •   Provide liability insurance for class/workshop time as scheduled.

  4. The instructor will:
     •   Determine class fees
     •   Set the minimum and maximum number of students for the class (maximum capacity is 15)
     •   Provide a copy‐ready materials list if necessary
     •   Determine if a separate materials/equipment‐use fee is to be charged.  If this additional fee is charged,  instructors             must provide an itemized list of materials and equipment‐use that students will receive for the fee.   There is no                   reimbursement by Ethotera LLC to instructors who choose to provide additional materials/supplies/tools/                             equipment for class or students, which are not originally included on the itemized material list
     •   Is responsible for providing all copies of handouts, maps, music, lists, etc. that are required for the class
     •   Will notify registered students and Ethotera LLC about changes in a class schedule or cancellation (please see                   attached handout for details)
     •   Is required to leave studio clean after class. All supplies, tools and equipment must be returned to the storage areas           and tables and chairs arranged neatly. Instructor will be given a cleanup and closing procedure checklist for the                   studio they are using prior to the first class. Failure to clean the studio will result in forfeiture of Room Deposit.


While combined efforts of both the instructor and Ethotera LLC provide the most effective means to successfully promote and fill a class.

To promote classes Ethotera LLC may do the following:

  1. May distribute printed or digital copies of Ethotera LLC class schedules (according to our list of shopping centers and        organizations which will post class schedules on their posting boards).

  2. Include class listing on Ethotera LLC website.

  3. May promote class via email, direct mail, social media and press releases.

  4. Upon Instructor’s request, Ethotera LLC can provide printed copies of class information to the Instructors for                        promoting the class.

To promote classes Instructors are asked the following:

  1. Include their biography (5-7 sentences) and résumé describing a background, experience, and interests, which         qualify instructor to teach this course. These may be used for schedules and news releases

  2. Provide at least 3, high resolution photos of your work and/or photos of the completed project to enhance the                      effectiveness of promotional material (in jpeg or png format).  

  3. Instructor participation in promotion of classes by sharing posts on social media is highly encouraged.  


  Ethotera LLC will issue a check for 50% of class fees collected, per the agreement, less any credit card fees, returned            check fees, or materials purchased by Ethotera LLC, to the instructor.  Checks will be issued on the Tuesday                      following the completion of the workshop or class series.


  1. Selected Instructor agrees they are not an employee of Ethotera LLC, nor are they entitled to any employee                      benefits, including such benefits as sick leave and vacation. No deductions, withholding of any taxes, FICA                          contributions, unemployment or any other employee benefits or burdens can be made by Ethotera LLC on behalf of            the instructor.

  2. Ethotera LLC shall be held harmless for any injury, loss, damages, or expense of any nature sustained by the                      Instructor in the conduct of any class, workshop, performances, or in the execution of any duties or obligations                    pertaining to this agreement.

  3. Instructors will complete a W9 form prior to first class.


Personal Details

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