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Debra Baldinger


"My interest in art and visual beauty began as a child. I visited museums in New York City and around the USA. As time progressed, I learned how to create my own images in several art mediums, in particular, watercolors, oils, pastels, and pencils. Each medium has advantages that allowed me to create my own art. I have taken art classes from a variety of teachers in cities around the country and am now teaching art classes at the Galleria. Interacting with numerous artists with many amazing talents has introduced to me new and exciting visions of what creating art can mean. I will also create custom art from photographs sent to me, as well as custom human and pet portraits (or combined) in all mediums. I have many portraits of my own poodles and other family pets.

I paint in watercolors and oils and draw with graphite and colored pencils. My art is currently displayed at The Art House and the Mary C. O’Keefe Cultural Center in Ocean Springs, MS, and at the Gulfport Arts Center in Gulfport, MS.

Being on the Mississippi Gulf Coast has opened my eyes and heart to the beauty of the beaches, water, trees and flowers all around me. The abundance of talent and sharing of the local artists make me proud to call Ocean Springs my home."

Debra Baldinger
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