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Rae Quadara

Biologist, Artist, Art Educator

RAE QUADARA (she/her) is also known as Rae Rae The Science BAE which stands for “Biologist, Artist, and Educator.” She is:

  • A BIOLOGIST with a Marine Biology and Conservation degree and Sustainability and Behavior Change specialized certificate.

  • An ARTIST across several mediums including embroidery, needle felting, painting, digital, mosaic, and jewelry making.

  • An EDUCATOR through teaching, science communication, storytelling, inclusive mentorship, art workshops, and continually learning.

Rae’s art is deeply rooted in sustainability - From partnering with local makers, to utilizing secondhand, vintage, or new-old stock findings, Rae works constantly to weave in and utilize what materials already exist in combination with the new.  Her empathy, mindfulness, and reflectiveness

is mirrored in both her artistic process and her teaching style. Actively listening and feeling present emotions helps her focus her creative energy into a piece. Feelings of chaotic thoughts and disarray? It may be a needle felting or mosaic type of day. Need to slow down and work calmly and methodically? Hand embroidery and sewing mood, it is!

Rae leans into her intersecting identities and the transdisciplinary nature of her work to combine her passions for the ocean, sustainability, art, and fostering a feeling of belonging in each of these areas. 

Rae Quadara
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