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Tiffany Dobyns

Artist, Art Educator

Tiffany Dobyns grew up with a deep love & passion for the arts. It was ingrained in her mind from a young age and both present and prevalent in her daily life.

Tiffany went to Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama for her

undergraduate degree. There she earned a B.F.A. in Studio Art with a concentration in oil painting. She then went to college at William Carey University to complete her Master’s Degree in Education. Tiffany have been teaching art for 10 years at the Upper Elementary here in Ocean Springs. She loves her job very much and to have the chance to make art with tiny humans on a daily basis has been her dream. She loves children and she feels like we have so much to learn from their unabashed, unbiased, uninhibited, and unblemished view of the world.

Originally from Chicago, Tiffany loved the exciting and fast paced movement of city living. However, after moving to Mississippi in 2004, she fell in love with the quaint and delicate charms that this city has to offer. " I feel like my art, as well as my personality, has a unique blend of influences from both of my home


Tiffany Dobyns
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