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With Holbein Acrylic Modeling Paste, you can add depth and grit to your artwork. Light modeling paste Is lighter in weight and fluffier in texture. You can apply it with a brush or palette knife to build layers of texture. If you prefer a more even application, you can use a trowel to create a smooth ground for oil and soft pastels. The paste is also an excellent painting medium and can be used to extend the volume of acrylic paints.


Holbein's space-saving poly bags are better for the environment because they use less plastic than standard rigid bottles and result in less waste. The freestanding poly-bags are tough and durable. It is easy to squeeze the right amount of paste out of the spout. As you squeeze the paste out, the air is also removed from the pouch, which prevents the product from drying out.

Holbein Acrylic Modeling Paste

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